Innosense Hair Color

  Innosense hair color, by Wella, is new color product designed to be less irritating to the scalp than traditional permanent hair color products. Being ‘ingredient conscious’ is a growing movement among men and women of all ages. I get a lot of questions about “organic” options. I haven’t
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Glossary Of Hair Terms

When your trying to explain what you you’d like to do with your hair, sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to get your ideas across. Here are some of the terms stylist throw around, and what they mean. Ash- ashy, ash tones, ash colors- “Ash” refers to tones that
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Should I Wash My Hair Before My Color Service?

Should you shampoo before you come have your hair colored? Almost daily, I will have someone come in and ask me if they should wash their hair before tinting or highlighting. The idea of not washing before a color service goes back to the old days, when color products
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David Frank Hair Care Products

Dry, desert climates are a special challenge for the hair and skin. Here in the Phoenix area, we deal with an average humidity though the year of about 23 percent. Although we have brief periods of higher humidity, sometimes the humidity is as low as 12 percent. Couple that
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Hair Color Correction

Corrective Color Changing your hair color is fun. Sometimes so much fun we get carried away. Whether it’s an idea that doesn’t work out as great as it sounded, or a miscommunication, or just plain old bad work, bad hair color is a distressing experience. Luckily, most  hair color
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Where Does Hair Extension Hair Come From?

The hair extension business in the United States is a big one, with 300-500 million dollars being spent per year on human hair extensions. While I’m not a huge fan of hair extensions in general, apparently they have a lot of fans. Many of my guests inquire about ways
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Preparing For A Visit To The Salon

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Hair Appointment Whether your it’s a hair cutting, coloring, or styling service you have booked, you have a particular look in mind. Here are some some suggestions for making the most of your upcoming hair appointment. Setting up an appointment Look

The Silver/Grey Hair Trend Is Not What You Think

    The “Granny” Hair Trend Is Making Grey Hair fashionable Beautiful images of women with silver or grey hair are all over the internet right now. Several times a week, I have guests ask me if they should let their hair go grey. Generally, I’m not a fan.
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Styling Tips And Tricks For Great Hair Days

We all walk around with the hair we’re born with. Ever wonder why some women’s hair always looks amazing without ever seeming to try too hard? Here are some tricks to try for getting the most out of your hair with the least effort. 1. Find a shampoo that
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Beautiful Tortoise Shell Highlights

  Just when you thought you’d seen every version of balayage highlighting they could come up with, yet another one makes its way to the salon.It’s called the ecaille, or the “tortoiseshell technique”. Now that harsh, super light ombre hair is about as fashionable as a spiral perm, it’s
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The Wavy Bob: Always A Favorite

The “Wob” is still a hot haircut trend for spring 2017. The “Wob”, or wavy bob, is still one of the hottest haircut trend right now. The ‘wavy bob’ has now surpassed the ‘long bob’ as the year’s most sought-after hairstyle. “Not having to deal with a lot of
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