Hair Color Correction

Corrective Color Changing your hair color is fun. Sometimes so much fun we get carried away. Whether it’s an idea that doesn’t work out as great as it sounded, or a miscommunication, or just plain old bad work, bad hair color is a distressing experience. Luckily, most  hair color
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The Silver/Grey Hair Trend Is Not What You Think

    The “Granny” Hair Trend Is Making Grey Hair fashionable Beautiful images of women with silver or grey hair are all over the internet right now. Several times a week, I have guests ask me if they should let their hair go grey. Generally, I’m not a fan.
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Beautiful Tortoise Shell Highlights

  Just when you thought you’d seen every version of balayage highlighting they could come up with, yet another one makes its way to the salon.It’s called the ecaille, or the “tortoiseshell technique”. Now that harsh, super light ombre hair is about as fashionable as a spiral perm, it’s
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“Sombre” Highlights, A Softer Version Of Ombre

As the harsh, high contrast ombre trend has passed, the color trend has transitioned over to “sombre”, a softer expression of ombre. It’s a more natural look with highlights around the face graduating into lighter,  brighter shades toward the ends. Sombre can be adapted to redheads, brunettes and blondes,
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Rose Gold Haircolor The Latest Trend In Blond

The same rosy golden tones that are so popular in accessories this season is showing up as a major trend in hair color. Rose gold hair color has made a huge comeback in fashion, and many celebrities and models are showed up with various levels of rose tone in
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Making Your Hair Color Last

Hair color can dramatically change your look or can be used to add subtle highlights and definition to your hairstyle. Unfortunately, all artificial hair color fades with time, diminishing the vibrancy and richness that your hair had immediately after coloring. It may be tempting to color your hair more
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A Better Way To Go Darker With Your Hair

Want to get away from the up keep of super blonde hair, but afraid to go too dark? It’s difficult to get used to being darker or all one color when you have been highlighted for so long. Often colorists will go with color all over, leaving you feeling
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Illumina color from Wella

 Looking for more shiny, smooth, healthy results from your hair color? Whether your doing red, blond, brunette, foil highlights, or balayage, it’s exciting to have a new product to work with. David Frank Salon features Wella’s newest color line, Illumina, to their line up of color products.  The results
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How to keep your hair color from fading

Tired of that unintentional ombre effect you get by the time it’s time to color your hair again? Reds go orange, brunettes go lighter and off tone, blondes get brassy. It’s a given that hair color fades, but here are some of the things that accelerate fade-age and what
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Wella Studios TrendVision class

This week I had the pleasure of attending a class at the Wella studio in Woodland Hills, California. I got to see all four fashion trends as interpreted by the Wella artistic team, and learned some very helpful technical points about how to get the most out of the

Fall haircolor forecast: Cool brunettes

  Now that the summer is dwindling down, it’s time fall into next season’s hottest trends. So what’s in store for brunettes this fall? Cool, chocolate browns, frosty brunette shades with subtle highlights. We’ll see a shift from too much bleachy highlights with to a healthy, rich, chocolate color
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This seasons color trend: Purple Ombre highlights

Want colorful tresses and ombre highlights? Then the purple hair color trend will serve as the best inspiration to add a splash of color. From the vibrant tones to the muted, all are brilliant when paired with the right skin tone and hair texture. Alternative hair styling is famous
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