Innosense Hair Color

  Innosense hair color, by Wella, is new color product designed to be less irritating to the scalp than traditional permanent hair color products. Being ‘ingredient conscious’ is a growing movement among men and women of all ages. I get a lot of questions about “organic” options. I haven’t
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David Frank Hair Care Products

Dry, desert climates are a special challenge for the hair and skin. Here in the Phoenix area, we deal with an average humidity though the year of about 23 percent. Although we have brief periods of higher humidity, sometimes the humidity is as low as 12 percent. Couple that
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Styling Tips And Tricks For Great Hair Days

We all walk around with the hair we’re born with. Ever wonder why some women’s hair always looks amazing without ever seeming to try too hard? Here are some tricks to try for getting the most out of your hair with the least effort. 1. Find a shampoo that
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Wella Color ID

New Wella Professionals is a breakthrough salon service that allows hair stylists, for the first time ever, to place colors next to each other without bleeding and without foils or other separators. Up until now, the process of hair coloring, especially a multi-tonal look, was time-consuming and required
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Best blowdryers to use at home

Best Blowdryer to Use at Home We often get asked for suggestions about what hairdryers to purchase. Most of the non-professional models sold at the store are fairly comparable. If your looking to upgrade to a professional model, here’s the one we recommend. Babyliss Pro BABFV2 Volare It’s lightweight,
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Best New Dry Shampoo: Do-Over

  Best New Dry Shampoo It’s here, “Do-Over”, the new dry shampoo by David Frank Haircare. Do-Over is perfect for the days between shampooing. Just spray the roots of your hair, fluff it up, and go. Leaves your hair feeling fresh, and gives you lots of fullness and volume.
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Silky Smooth Argan Oil

Best Argan Oil Hair Product A deep penetrating, fast absorbing treatment for all hair types David Frank Haircare offers the best argan oil hair product. This deep penetrating Argan Oil will be instantly absorbed into your hair producing an incredible shine and smooth as silk feeling. Expect long-lasting conditioning
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Best blowdryer-Babyliss Volare v2

We often are asked, what blow-dryer do you recommend ? Best Blowdryer, Babyliss Volare V2.  With blowouts being a big focus in fashion, many women are round brushing their hair at home. Your dryer is a very important tool. A great dryer not only gives you a great result,
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Viviscal for thinning or shedding hair

Many of my guests come to me with concerns about hair loss. Sometimes they are not losing hair at all. Many time they are due to thyroid issues, post pregnancy, stress, hormonal issues, medications, or health challenges. There is no magic pill for this, but a few of my
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