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Styling Tips And Tricks For Great Hair Days

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24th July

We all walk around with the hair we’re born with. Ever wonder why some women’s hair always looks amazing without ever seeming to try too hard? Here are some tricks to try for getting the most out of your hair with the least effort.

1. Find a shampoo that lathers less. Sudsy doesn’t necessarily mean clean—sometimes, it means the opposite. Shampoos that lather too much are often overloaded with moisturizing products, which can leave build-up in your hair, making it look and feel dirtier quicker. Look for a sulfate-free formula. Use just enough to lather, anything more is a waste and hard to rinse. I like David frank Haircare moisture shampoo because it’s sulfate and sodium chloride free.

2. Give your hair a cold shot. Before you hop out of the shower, turn the cold water on for a second and quickly … Read More »

The Wavy Bob: My Favorite Hair Style For Winter 2014

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30th November

The “Wob” is still a hot haircut trend for spring 2015.

The “Wob”, or wavy bob, is still one of the hottest haircut trend right now. The ‘wavy bob’ has now surpassed the ‘long bob’ as the year’s most sought-after hairstyle. “Not having to deal with a lot of layers makes styling easy.” says Frank Hathaway. “And the strong line makes it dramatic look, without the stiffness of a classic bob”.

Piecy, chin length bobs have been spotted on celebrities everywhere, from Jennifer Lawrence’s “I’m growing it back out” look to Taylor Swifts new Shorter, pushed back version of the classic style. It’s not unusual to see celebrities follow the same trends, but  when a style looks this great and is so easy to care for, it’s a great time to jump on the opportunity to look great with minimal effort.

Jennifer Lawrence, … Read More »

Mens Hair Trends 2014

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3rd March

The challenge men face now, when it comes to hair and looking good is the same challenge women have faced for decades. Women have always read fashion magazines for advice on how to style their hair. Fashion has typically required that women don’t just keep our hair clean, but that they blow it dry, cut it, bleach it, condition it, color the roots, add highlights, and in general invest far more time and money in their complicated hair styles than men do. However in the new millennium, current styles in haircuts for men are a whole new ballgame.


These days, when it comes to your hair, you guys are going to need a lot more than a trip to the barbershop to look good. Current hairstyles require skilled hair hair stylists for men who are up on all of the latest … Read More »

Short Hair Specialist Shares Expert Tips

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30th January

Whether your going short for the first time, or looking for a new short style, short hair requires an expert’s hand and an expert’s eye to pull it off right. A shorter cut can be dramatic and spectacular, or it can be a boring one way trip to old-city. I sat down with Frank Hathaway, a short hair specialist and style director at David Frank Salon in Scottsdale, to ask him about his special approach to short cuts.

D: You’re a big fan of shorter hair styles on women. What’s the attraction for you?

Frank: Simply put, when you have longer hair, people tend to see the hair and not the person wearing it. You have hair. With short and mid length hair, you have a hair style. There’s a huge difference.Shorter shapes allow you to accentuate the face and head shape in … Read More »

Frank Hathaway Talks Pixie Cuts For Fall

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1st October

Getting That Perfect Pixie Cut


The Pixie is my absolute favorite hairstyle on women. I love the confidence I see in a woman when she has short hair. A well done pixie maintains the feminine lines and accentuates eyes and cheekbones, the most important features on a woman.. What make a perfect pixie? Here are few a tips from our style director, Frank Hathaway, on getting a great cut you won’t be in a hurry to grow out.

It is most important that a pixie is very soft around the hairline and has no straight lines. Men’s cuts are very angular and straight around the side burn, ears and the back. A  pixie remains wispy and soft at the edges maintaining femininity.

Most women can wear a pixie. If you look good with your hair pulled back in a … Read More »

Boho Chic Braid How-To

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20th September

How To:

Boho Chic Braid

What you’ll need-

Comb, Tiny Hair Ties, & Hairspray

Step 1: Backcomb base of hair to height desired.

Step 2: Pull hair into low pony tail.

Step 3: Take a thin strand from either side of pony tail and wrap around hairband to conceal it.  Then pin strand.

Step 4:  From base of pony tail, wrap another hairband a few inches lower.

Step 5:  Between the two hairbands, divide hair evenly creating a space to pull through all the hair from below the lowest hairband to the ends.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5

Step 7: Finish with a light spritz of hairspray

The “Lob” latest celebrity hairstyle trend

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8th March

Scottsdale hair salons have been getting tons of requests for the latest hair trend in Hollywood, and it’s no surprise. The “lob”, half bob, half long, is the best of both worlds: not short, but blunt enough tho make it easy to care for. Here are some examples of how to wear one.

The Blunt Lob

The Look: This cut is blunt and uniform with no layers. It elongates the neck and makes you look more statuesque. If you go any shorter, it becomes a bob and you lose the versatility.

It’s Perfect For: Anyone whose hair is fine or fried from heated styling tools. This returns it to healthy without being tied down to a short cut, and it gets rid of stringy ends, so hair looks thicker.

The Long-Layered Lob

The Look: A chin-length layers add texture and movement. You can still even … Read More »

Look of the Week at David Frank Salon: The Bob

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13th February


The bob is always in style, in one form or another. It’s fascinating to think that a haircut that has been around since the Egyptians continues to maintain it’s presence in today’s fashion.  The bob haircut is one the most versatile of all haircuts. They vary in length, falling anywhere from the jaw line to the collar bone. Finer hair it can be graduated for fullness and body or thicker hair can be textured to collapse the shape. We can adapt a bobbed shape to almost anyone. One length shapes give you a definitive shape, with the added benefit of easy care. Our stylists can advise you on the best approach for your face shape and hair texture. Call today or book online for an appointment.



Upcoming Hair Trends For 2013: Short Cropped Hair and Pixie Cuts

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11th December

This time of year, everyone asks me, “What’s the trend for hairstyles going to be next year?” Hard to say, but from what I’m seeing, short cropped hair is making a big comeback this winter. With stars like Anne Hathaway on the cover of big magazines with new short styles, and movie heroines in hit movies wearing short dramatic cuts, we are sure to get lots of requests for new, smaller shapes.

I love asymmetry in short styles. It makes the shape more interesting and feminine.  Color is also key to to keeping shorter styles looking edgy and interesting rather than boyish. Ready to take the plunge? Don’t trust just anyone with your look. Come in and see us, we will help you find the best new shape and color for this winter and fall. 480-607-6544.

Short hair versus long hair: Should I cut my hair short?

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11th July

Should I cut my hair short?

This is a question that we hear every single day in the salon. The reason the question is  asked changes from guest to guest, but it’s definitely one that we answer on a regular basis. Personally, I rarely try to convince someone to go short. It’s a personal decision, and unless I’m so convinced that it’s the absolute best way to go, I leave it to the client. There are, however, some good guidelines for helping you make a decision.

1. I have heard a million times over the years that “once you get to a certain age, you must cut your hair short”. I never understood this, and I think we can all see that there are many amazing looking women well into maturity that have medium to long hair. So don’t fall for it. … Read More »

Hair we love: The crop

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18th April

Summer is coming. Who wouldn’t love a cool, easy summer style to beat the heat. To keep your short style up to date , here are a few tips.

1. Keep the sides a bit long. Not cutting around the ears keeps your shape modern and feminine.

2. Let the hair come forward and push it to the side a bit. Part of the low maintenance feel is letting the hair go where it grows- don’t force it.

3. Keep a little length on top. The hair should move around and show off its texture.

4. Do a strong color. Be bold. It adds femininity and fun.

5. Try a razor cut for more texture and softness.

Crop haircuts are one of this seasons biggest hair trends. For a great short style, you need a great stylist. Come see us today and start your summer hair … Read More »

This seasons most wanted long hairstyles

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10th April



This style is all one length that’s been curl. The cut calls for thick, dense hair (otherwise the ends can look stringy) and works on pretty much all face shapes, except for long ones, which it can elongate even more. To create the big curls at the bottom, use a two-inch curling iron to clamp down on the ends of the hair, then roll it up, holding the iron horizontally.

TIP: Long hair is prone to split ends. Weekly masks and trims every two months will help



Sofia Vergara’s layers start at the collarbone and are cut bluntly to give the illusion of more hair. The cut suits round and heart-shaped faces best, and it’s ideal for straight or wavy textures, since tight curls would be hard to blow out everyday.

TIP: When adding layers in front, women with … Read More »

Easy Holiday Style

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12th December

This time of year there are plenty of opportunities to dress up. Why not dress up your hair, too? Having your hair up looks more elegant, especially with holiday dresses. No time to come into the salon? Here is an easy up-do you can do it home.

Start with second-day hair because it has more texture and is easier to style. To create extra body, divide strands into five sections, and curl only the bottom half with a 1 1/2″ curling iron to avoid kinks near the scalp.The curling-iron step isn’t essential, but it gives it a more finished look. If your hair is curly, you can do this style using the curls you have.

Next, secure hair into a high ponytail. Use a flat brush to gather hair up to the crown of the head. Then bind the ponytail with an … Read More »