The Wavy Bob: Always A Favorite

The “Wob” is still a hot haircut trend for spring 2017. The “Wob”, or wavy bob, is still one of the hottest haircut trend right now. The ‘wavy bob’ has now surpassed the ‘long bob’ as the year’s most sought-after hairstyle. “Not having to deal with a lot of
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Mens Hair Trends

The challenge men face now, when it comes to hair and looking good is the same challenge women have faced for decades. Women have always read fashion magazines for advice on how to style their hair. Fashion has typically required that women don’t just keep our hair clean, but
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Hair Trends:The Modern Shag

  How to make a classic shag new for 2017 It’s now officially 2014, and the best way to start a new year is with a new look. The hottest trend in cuts right now is an updated version of a classic, the shag. The best way to describe
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Cameron Diaz Amazing Assymetrical Bob

In “The Counselor”, Cameron Diaz has a new look. I’m betting we get lots of requests for this stunning disconnected bob. The shape features a short section on one side that allows the hair to be pushed back or worn down. The long side gives the feeling of more
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Boho Chic Braid How-To

How To: Boho Chic Braid What you’ll need- Comb, Tiny Hair Ties, & Hairspray Step 1: Backcomb base of hair to height desired. Step 2: Pull hair into low pony tail. Step 3: Take a thin strand from either side of pony tail and wrap around hairband to conceal

The “Lob” latest celebrity hairstyle trend

Scottsdale hair salons have been getting tons of requests for the latest hair trend in Hollywood, and it’s no surprise. The “lob”, half bob, half long, is the best of both worlds: not short, but blunt enough tho make it easy to care for. Here are some examples of
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HOW-TO: The Fishtail Braid

Ever wanted to achieve the perfect fishtail braid… Well now you can, as David Frank Salon’s Frank Hathaway talks us through it step-by-step. ❄ First add volume and texture spray a Spornette flat brush with David Frank’s Fast finish Hairspray and back brush the roots. ❄ Then split the
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The urban wave

  The Urban Wave: The beachy wave is out, giving way to the urban wave— a loose curve in the hair that’s effortlessly cool and made to look like the did did it itself. The street-ready style only requires a rough blow dry, subtle curl with the iron, and
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Vidal Sassoon, hair icon, dies

Vidal Sassoon, celebrity hairstylist, died Wednesday in his Los Angeles home. Sassoon helped launch the age of the signature hair salon, complete with designer-label prices. He also revolutionized women’s hair cutting with his sleek, geometric cuts and is credited with popularizing the hand-held blow dryer. Sassoon used a blow
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