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Innosense Hair Color

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2nd January

Innosense hair color, by Wella, is new color product designed to be less irritating to the scalp than traditional permanent hair color products. Being ‘ingredient conscious’ is a growing movement among men and women of all ages. I get a lot of questions about “organic” options. I haven’t found one that performs well enough to recommend, nor do I believe they are necessarily better or safer for the client. I truly believe that hair color is safe for the vast majority of people, and I’ve been in contact with it on most days for the last thirty years.

Reactions to hair color products can vary from none to extremely severe. Bad reactions are unusual, and I’ve been fortunate to witness very few of them during my career as a colorist. There are however a lot of clients who experience mild irritation … Read More »

Dictionary Of Hair Terms

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5th August

When your trying to explain what you you’d like to do with your hair, sometimes it’s hard to find the right words to get your ideas across. Here are some of the terms stylist throw around, and what they mean.

Ash- ashy, ash tones, ash colors- “Ash” refers to tones that are cool, like grey, green,. silver, taupe, etc. The opposite of  warm.

Brassy- When the unwanted orange and yellow tones are showing in the hair. The hair needs to be further lightened, or colored darker to correct.

A-line- A shape that is shorter in the back, and longer in the front.

Round- When referring to a hair cut outline, a shape that is shorter in the front and longer in the back.

Bob- A one length shape that does not touch the shoulders. One it hits the body it no longer “bobs”, it’s simply a one … Read More »

Should I Wash My Hair Before My Color Service?

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19th May

Should you shampoo before you come have your hair colored? Almost daily, I will have someone come in and ask me if they should wash their hair before tinting or highlighting.

The idea of not washing before a color service goes back to the old days, when color products were very harsh compared to the gentle colors we have today. A bit of natural oil on the scalp kept the tingling and staining to a minimum. This was especially important with bleaching services, which could be quite irritating to the scalp.

Fast forward to now, and many clients have been led to believe that the dirtier the hair, the better the color. Here are some guidelines to prep your hair for a perfect color service.

1. Wash your hair 12 to 24 hours before your color. This will assure the hair is … Read More »

Where Does Hair Extension Hair Come From?

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14th December

The hair extension business in the United States is a big one, with 300-500 million dollars being spent per year on human hair extensions. While I’m not a huge fan of hair extensions in general, apparently they have a lot of fans. Many of my guests inquire about ways to make their hair longer and thicker, and sometimes the option of extensions comes up. One of the first things they often ask is “where does the hair come from?”.

If you must have extensions, human hair is the way to go. With so much demand, human hair is quite a commodity. The amount of hair imported into the U.S. is measured in the hundreds of millions of miles, and the amount of money that changes hands is staggering. Purchased mostly from India and China, the hair is purchased at the source … Read More »

Preparing For A Visit To The Salon

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19th September

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Hair Appointment

Whether your it’s a hair cutting, coloring, or styling service you have booked, you have a particular look in mind. Here are some some suggestions for making the most of your upcoming hair appointment.

Setting up an appointment

Look for a time when your not rushed. You’ll be more relaxed, and the appointment will be a lot more fun. Your stylist will have a bit more time to be creative, and you’ll feel more relaxed.
Try and book well in advance. When possible, set up your next appointment when you check out. If your booking at a later time, or for the first time, call in advance for the best selection of times. Weekdays mid week are usually a bit more available, and evenings and weekends go fast.
Try booking online. Online booking is available … Read More »

The Silver/Grey Hair Trend Is Not What You Think

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28th July


The “Granny” Hair Trend Is Making Grey Hair fashionable

Beautiful images of women with silver or grey hair are all over the internet right now. Several times a week, I have guests ask me if they should let their hair go grey. Generally, I’m not a fan. Most people look best in warmer colors, and hair color is an important accessory as makeup. Some women with very cool skin  tone and the right coloring pull it of well, but I usually encourage my guests to keep coloring their hair.

When it’s time to segue into letting your hair go grey, there are a number of ways of doing it. The goal is to make the transition between the colored hair and the uncolored hair less noticeable. We can foil in color to make less of a line of demarcation, slowly lighten the … Read More »

The Wavy Bob: My Favorite Hair Style For Winter 2014

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30th November

The “Wob” is still a hot haircut trend for spring 2015.

The “Wob”, or wavy bob, is still one of the hottest haircut trend right now. The ‘wavy bob’ has now surpassed the ‘long bob’ as the year’s most sought-after hairstyle. “Not having to deal with a lot of layers makes styling easy.” says Frank Hathaway. “And the strong line makes it dramatic look, without the stiffness of a classic bob”.

Piecy, chin length bobs have been spotted on celebrities everywhere, from Jennifer Lawrence’s “I’m growing it back out” look to Taylor Swifts new Shorter, pushed back version of the classic style. It’s not unusual to see celebrities follow the same trends, but  when a style looks this great and is so easy to care for, it’s a great time to jump on the opportunity to look great with minimal effort.

Jennifer Lawrence, … Read More »

Travel Hairdryers: Best Blow Dryers For Traveling Abroad

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15th May

How To Choose A Blow dryer for Traveling Abroad

Many of my guests inquire about what blow dryers and irons are best for traveling internationaly. The answer depends on where your going. The plugs adapters are easy to get, but you also have to take into consideration some other technical details, like the the voltage and alternating cycle of the electrical systems of where you are traveling. For this reason, I don’t recommend taking your regular blow dryers and irons abroad. Here is an explanation of how this works, followed by my suggestions of what to buy.

This excerpt is from CNN’s travel website:

“Learn about electric systems

To be on the safe side, travelers who plan to use electrical devices from home while they are traveling should learn about the electric systems — plug configurations, voltage and alternating cycles — in the countries … Read More »

Wella Color ID

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10th May

New Wella Professionals is a breakthrough salon service that allows hair stylists, for the first time ever, to place colors next to each other without bleeding and without foils or other separators. Up until now, the process of hair coloring, especially a multi-tonal look, was time-consuming and required the use of various separators, such as foils.

Available exclusively through salon professionals, Wella Professionals allows colorists to meet popular demand for perfectly blended, harmonious color provides reliable color results as an additive to Wella Professionals’ permanent colors, Koleston Perfect and Illumina Color.

By eliminating the need for foils and other separators, creates a more comfortable and pleasant consumer experience.

Colorists can now follow their intuition and set their artistic character free to create their most beautiful masterpiece yet. The possibilities are as limitless as their imagination, ambition and creativity with

2014 Hair Trends:The Modern Shag

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15th January


How to make a classic shag new for 2014


It’s now officially 2014, and the best way to start a new year is with a new look. The hottest trend in cuts right now is an updated version of a classic, the shag.

The best way to describe a shag is a medium length shape with the bulk taken out of the bottom, creating a shaggy casual feel. The length can vary from collarbone to jaw, and it can be worn with or without bangs. This makes it very versatile, and shags can be personalized to fit any face shape or hair texture.


The shag became famous in the 70’s, when iconic rock stars like Kieth Richards and Rod Stewart wore super razored long but short hair on stage. It drifted into the movie world with stars like Jane Fonda. To this day … Read More »

Short hair versus long hair: Should I cut my hair short?

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11th July

Should I cut my hair short?

This is a question that we hear every single day in the salon. The reason the question is  asked changes from guest to guest, but it’s definitely one that we answer on a regular basis. Personally, I rarely try to convince someone to go short. It’s a personal decision, and unless I’m so convinced that it’s the absolute best way to go, I leave it to the client. There are, however, some good guidelines for helping you make a decision.

1. I have heard a million times over the years that “once you get to a certain age, you must cut your hair short”. I never understood this, and I think we can all see that there are many amazing looking women well into maturity that have medium to long hair. So don’t fall for it. … Read More »