Celebrity hair trends: Anne Hathaway

Posted on April 11th, by David in Celebrity Hair Styles. Comments Off on Celebrity hair trends: Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway debuted a short crop  in London Sunday where she is filming a movie version of “Les Miserables.” Anne’s role is Fantine, who, in  attempting to care for her child, sells her front teeth, hair, turns to prostitution and becomes ill with tuberculosis.

A major transformation was required for the part, considering how healthy Anne looks.  She is on a very low calorie to get the looks she needs for the part.

She  chopped off her locks, leaving it short on the side with a bit more at the top. The crop will suit Fantine well, but I’m curious to see if Anne grows in back quickly, as Natalie Portman did after cutting hair for ” V for Vendetta” or keeps it short, as Michelle Williams has. Personally, I think the look suits her in pictures but I prefer her with a bit more hair. The stylist did a great job of cutting it, but I think she needs a bit of length to balance out her features in real life. For more on my views about short hair, please read my page called “short hair”

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