Easy Holiday Style

Posted on December 12th, by David in Hair Styles. Comments Off on Easy Holiday Style

This time of year there are plenty of opportunities to dress up. Why not dress up your hair, too? Having your hair up looks more elegant, especially with holiday dresses. No time to come into the salon? Here is an easy up-do you can do it home.

Start with second-day hair because it has more texture and is easier to style. To create extra body, divide strands into five sections, and curl only the bottom half with a 1 1/2″ curling iron to avoid kinks near the scalp.The curling-iron step isn’t essential, but it gives it a more finished look. If your hair is curly, you can do this style using the curls you have.

Next, secure hair into a high ponytail. Use a flat brush to gather hair up to the crown of the head. Then bind the ponytail with an elastic. Make it secure but not too tight. To create a fuller crown, you can tease it a bit before you put it up.

With your ponytail in place, braid the tail.  When complete,  bind the end with another elastic.For a messier look, braid half the ponytail and leave the rest out to use for soft curled pieces
To create the bun, gently twists the braid around the base of the braid around the base of the ponytail. Fasten the knot into place with  bobby pins.Criss-cross the pins to make them secure.
With the bun in place, shorter layers might start to fall out. Some flyways are pretty, but you’ll want to pin some them up. Use open-ended pins to refasten pieces of hair back into the bun.To finish the look spray with hairspray and comb up from the nape of the neck toward the bun to smooth down any stray hairs. Also do this above the ears. Use the end of a tail comb to eliminate any unwanted splits To glam up the look even more, add a jeweled hairpin or simple hair band. Pick something that compliments what your wearing that evening.

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