Hair we love: The crop

Posted on April 18th, by David in Hair Styles. Comments Off on Hair we love: The crop

Summer is coming. Who wouldn’t love a cool, easy summer style to beat the heat. To keep your short style up to date , here are a few tips.

1. Keep the sides a bit long. Not cutting around the ears keeps your shape modern and feminine.

2. Let the hair come forward and push it to the side a bit. Part of the low maintenance feel is letting the hair go where it grows- don’t force it.

3. Keep a little length on top. The hair should move around and show off its texture.

4. Do a strong color. Be bold. It adds femininity and fun.

5. Try a razor cut for more texture and softness.

Crop haircuts are one of this seasons biggest hair trends. For a great short style, you need a great stylist. Come see us today and start your summer hair off carefree and fun.

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