I Wanna Marry Harry

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At David Frank Salon, we get really excited about hair color. We love them all, but a beautiful, vibrant red can be especially fun on the right person. Red hair is very fashionable again for for women, but what about men? Red haired men sometimes get a lot of grief about their color. I had reddish hair when I was a kid, but lately it’s become a subject of comedy to make fun of gingers. I imagine it’s because there is nobody left we are allowed to make fun of, but I actually thing red hair is kind of awesome. Since only about 4% of the world population has red hair, your already kind of unique. It sets you apart immediately.


On the new  Fox TV show “I Wanna Marry Harry”, twelve impossibly stupid women are taken to a castle in the country and led to believe that they are competing for the attention of Prince Harry of England. Since he has red hair and an accent, they mostly believe the not so convincing look alike must for sure be him. The courtship begins. Then when one of the girls is eliminated, bacholorette style, she declared that she’s really not into gingers.

What? She was definitely into it when she thought he was a prince. Then she throws out a  semi-derogatory label and says she wasn’t interested anyway. While I can understand she was disappointed about losing her chance of possibly being the future Queen of England, We’d like to point out to her some of the other amazing red headed men from history.


1. Emperor Nero

AD15 – AD68. Born in Corsica, Nero was a red head who enjoyed chariot races, drinking,  and fiddling by the fire. Appears on many coins, which don’t do the color of his hair justice. A bit of a tyrant, adding to red heads reputation for being fiery.


2. Rob Roy

1671 – 1734. Chief of the Clan Gregor,famous red haired outlaw who made life miserable for the English. Depicted in a 1995 by Liam Neeson, who does not have red hair.


3. Napoleon Bonaparte

Tiny red head who kicked butt in Europe with one hand. Usually shown with a hat on, so most people don’t know he was a red head.


4. Christopher Columbus

Red headed Italian who discovered the greatest country in the world. Not bad for a red head. Also a pretty fantastic sailor.


5. David Caruso

Once voted sexiest man of the year in people magazine. The star of many cop shows, and the master of cleaver one liners delivered while removing sunglasses. An awesome red head.

There are many more. Do you have any suggestions for this list? add them to the comments, and we will add them to our list.