Hair Trends:The Modern Shag

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How to make a classic shag new for 2017

It’s now officially 2014, and the best way to start a new year is with a new look. The hottest trend in cuts right now is an updated version of a classic, the shag.

The best way to describe a shag is a medium length shape with the bulk taken out of the bottom, creating a shaggy casual feel. The length can vary from collarbone to jaw, and it can be worn with or without bangs. This makes it very versatile, and shags can be personalized to fit any face shape or hair texture.

The shag became famous in the 70’s, when iconic rock stars like Kieth Richards and Rod Stewart wore super razored long but short hair on stage. It drifted into the movie world with stars like Jane Fonda. To this day the Shag is the go to style for rockers and even country music stars. In the 80’s and 90’s, the shag softened a bit, with hair icons Jennifer Aniston and Meg Ryan making it the most requested style of the time. Lisa Rinna wore a shag that guests still request on a regular basis.

Most styles can be transformed into a shag pretty easily. My favorite to convert are bobs. A bit of square layers, and all the bulk is out of the bottom for a more modern feel. Still wearing your fall pixie? Let the bottom layers grow out a bit and your there. Long hair makes a nice transition with some small tweaks, and it’s a nice segue into something different without going super short.

What makes a shag modern? Here a a few guidelines.

1. Keep some length on the sides. A mullet like outline makes a shag look more Klute than cute.

2. Don’t over style. A modern shag should look a bit undone, not super round brushed.

3. Let your hair dictate the amount of volume. Use your natural texture, don’t force it to bigger than it is.

4. The layers should be more on the bottom, less on top.

5. Bangs are getting very fashionable again. Try a blunt fringe to contrast against the shaggy outline of the shape.