Beautiful Tortoise Shell Highlights

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Just when you thought you’d seen every version of balayage highlighting they could come up with, yet another one makes its way to the salon.It’s called the ecaille,
or the “tortoiseshell technique”. Now that harsh, super light ombre hair is about as fashionable as a spiral perm, it’s nice to have a more current option for those who want some light without the streaks.
Ecaille is a more grown-up and sophisticated version of ombre. It features golden highlights that makes the look shiny and sun-kissed.
Think golden highlights paired with darker, rich caramel tones.
Tortoise shell features face-framing highlights in the front while adding softer pieces around the rest of the hair.
Ecaille is already notable in Paris and among Hollywood actresses and models because its golden multi-tones can enhance nearly any hair color.

Ask for various tones, deeper at the roots and lighter at the ends. Like with any hair color, it’s important to make sure it suits your skin tone. If you are fair skinned,
adding some golden tones can enhance your skin tones and warm up your look. If you are olive or have some red tones, some cooler tones can give your skin a more natural, balanced look.
Depending on your skin tone, you want to avoid going too light. It will make you looked washed out, and you’ll have to wear lots of make up to look normal.
It will also look over processed and unnatural, which is exactly opposite of the point of Ecaille.If you loved how naturally light and wavy your hair became during the summer, you’ll love the ecaille, which really emphasizes the texture of your hair.
The tortoiseshell technique is great for fall because it plays off your natural hair,and the deeper shades are more suitable for fall. Stay within a few shades of your natural hair color to master this trend.Otherwise, it’s just the same old highlights.
Tortoise shell is great for blondes who wants to go darker for fall as well.Rather than lighten the hair,
just darken the base a bit and balayage in some low lights.
If You’re Brunette, Ecaille is fairly low maintenance, as long as you don’t go to light. Add balayage highlights and a gloss to keep the tones nice and the hair shiny.