Best blowdryer-Babyliss Volare v2

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We often are asked, what blow-dryer do you recommend ? Best Blowdryer, Babyliss Volare V2.  With blowouts being a big focus in fashion, many women are round brushing their hair at home. Your dryer is a very important tool. A great dryer not only gives you a great result, but saves time as well. Imagine saving 5 minutes a day drying your hair. Even blowing your hair dry every other day, you would save 17 hours a year. That’s a whole waking day of blow-drying. A great dryer is a great investment, especially if you have a lot of hair or longer hair.

In the salon we use use the full size Volare V1 by Babyliss. For home, however we recommend its powerful but slightly shorter sister, the V2. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS USE YOUR NOZZLE WHEN BLOW-DRYING, so the slightly shorter length and slightly less weight is perfect for working on your own hair. Here is the product description.

Babyliss Volare V2

Two world industry leaders with 140 years of engineering excellence introduce a powerful high performance luxury dryer. The Babyliss Pro Volare. Made in Italy and driven by an ultra efficient, high speed, turbo power engine – designed and built exclusively for Babyliss Pro in cooperation with Ferrari. Specially constructed for maximum airflow, minimum weight and low vibration, this Ferrari designed engine delivers faster drying and makes the Babyliss Pro Volare the Grand Prix of Styling. Babyliss Pro Volare V1 Hair Dryer Features: 2000 Watt Ferrari Designed V12 Engine Intense air pressure Turbo Shot instant boost airflow Nano Titanium Infused grill 6 Heat and Speed Settings 9 foot tangle free cord Includes 2 Ultra thin concentrator nozzles.

If you need a diffuser, I recommend getting the one that comes with. The short nose is not great for a universal diffuser, and the one they make stays on nicely.
If you would like one, I recommend mail ordering, because they are much lower in price than going to a retail store. They retail price in store is about $249. Go to Amazon. The prices are great and delivery is fast. I hope you enjoy your dryer as much as we do.