Best blowdryers to use at home

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Best Blowdryer to Use at Home

We often get asked for suggestions about what hairdryers to purchase. Most of the non-professional models sold at the store are fairly comparable. If your looking to upgrade to a professional model, here’s the one we recommend.

Babyliss Pro BABFV2 Volare

It’s lightweight, and every bit as powerful as the V1 model we use in the salon. The advantage you have with this dryer over the V1 is the length. It’s shorter, and that makes it muck easier to use on your own hair. I would suggest a professional dryer if you do a lot of round brushing, or if you have a lot of hair and wish to save a bit of time in the morning. Remember to always use a nozzle with your dryer to prevent damaging the hair with the grate at the end of the dryer. There is also a diffuser available that is custom made for this particular dryer. You will find the best prices online, rather than in a beauty supply house.

Besides using them in the salon, we use them at home as well. Where many professional dryers are a bit heavy, these are very comfortable to use.

With any blowdryer that has a warranty, we recommend always saving the box and receipt together. Many high end brands have good warranties, and you can send them to the manufacturer to be repaired or replaced. The original packaging is sometimes required.

I also recommend hanging your dryer on a hook to prevent dropping it our knocking it of the counter in the bathroom. drops are a major cause of failure. Remember not to coil the cord up tight, as this can cause the cord to fail.