David Frank Hair Care Products

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Dry, desert climates are a special challenge for the hair and skin. Here in the Phoenix area, we deal with an average humidity though the year of about 23 percent. Although we have brief periods of higher humidity, sometimes the humidity is as low as 12 percent. Couple that with extreme heat and a lot of UV rays, and it’s no wonder our hair doesn’t always perform the way we would like.To add to the hair care dilemma, most hair products are made to be sold everywhere. Why make a shampoo for a super dry climate when most places are much more moist? Products that work well in Florida are not going to work in Arizona.

David Frank Haircare products are designed to work in the desert. Here are some of the features that make them effective in our climate.

  1. All of our shampoos are sulfate free. This means the cleansing is much more gentle and less drying. Color retention is much better as well. Being “color safe” is not enough, you need a sulfate free product to get the best performance out of your color.
  2. Our products are sodium chloride free. Sodium chloride can be drying, and it’s plenty dry here already. Cutting out this ingredient doesn’t effect performance, but it makes it less drying and safe for keratin straighteners.
  3. Many of our products have argon oil in them. Argon oil is an excellent moisturizer that keeps the hair softer for longer than water based moisturizers. Even with the oil, they are not heavy or flattening, the hair will have lots of body.
  4. With the exception of our straitening product, our products don’t have a lot of silicone in them. Silicone repels moisture. Not helpful in a dry place.
  5. Our products aren’t heavy in protein, which can make the hair feel dry if there is too much. The right amount of protein, and lots of moisture, makes a great combination for great hair in the desert.
  6. Our “Untangled” has a UV protector to help minimize the effects of UV rays on the hair. Use it before your other products to make them even more effective.

If you live in Arizona, another very dry place, give our hair care products a try. You’ll be pleased with how much better your hair will look and feel.