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Now that you have your hair color looking great, it’s time to take care of it. Choosing a shampoo for colored hair is the most important decision you make in terms of preventing your color from fading prematurely. Many shampoos and conditioners claim to be “color safe”, but thanks to modern formulations we can do much better. Shampooing is the hardest thing we do to our hair color, along with heat styling and sun exposure. Here are some of the features you need in a shampoo to keep your color looking great.


The most important aspect of modern shampoo formulations is that it should be sulfate free. Sodium laureth sulfate, which also goes by several other similar names, is a detergent used in products for cleansing the hair and body. It’s inexpensive, effective, and it’s been around a long time. This is the part of shampoo that makes it lather up with lots of bubbles. Unfortunately, it also tends to dry the hair out and pulls artificial hair color out more than necessary. Sulfates also cause scalp itch and irritation in many people. I’ve had many guests say that there scalp feels much better after ditching the sulfate shampoo.

Sulfate free shampoos cleanse the hair much more gently, leaving the moisture and natural oils needed to keep the hair manageable. This especially important in a dry climate like Arizona, where keeping the hair moist is a serious challenge. This same feature makes sulfate free shampoos ideal for retaining hair color. The less pigment the shampoo removes, the longer your color will look good.

There is also evidence that suggests that sulfates are absorbed by the liver, and can cause hormonal imbalances. Although lacking concrete proof, it’s also believed to be a carcinogen. For this reason, some might wish to limit there exposure to products containing sulfates.

Sodium Chloride

Sodium chloride has a similar effect sodium laureth sulfate. It’s important to know that some sulfate free shampoos still have sodium chloride. Sodium chloride tends to pull out protein, and is especially problematic for keratin treatments. Protein is also a component of some color services, and should be avoided. The demi-permanent colors used to refresh the ends has a lot of protein, and that’s part of why the hair feels great after you color it. Sodium chloride removes that very quickly.

One of the main reasons these chemicals are used in shampoos is to make the shampoo lather up a lot. We are conditioned to think that if it lathers, it’s working. Actually, a lot of lather means a lot of dryness and damage. A good shampoo will lather much less.


We also chose to have our shampoo be paraben free. Paraben is used as a preservative to prevent bacteria and fungi growth inĀ  products. It’s known to cause skin irritation in some people, and though to contribute to a host of other health problems. Fortunately it’ much easier to avoid that it used to be. Our shampoos are Paraben free.

Moisture-ShampooDavid Frank Haircare Moisture shampoo

Our moisture shampoo is sulfate free, sodium chloride free, and paraben free. It is infused with argan oil, a rich, moisturizing oil derived from the argan nut grown in North Africa. David Frank Moisture shampoo is the perfect shampoo to keep your hair color looking rich, shiny, and beautiful.