Fall haircolor forecast: Cool brunettes

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Now that the summer is dwindling down, it’s time fall into next season’s hottest trends. So what’s in store for brunettes this fall? Cool, chocolate browns, frosty brunette shades with subtle highlights.

We’ll see a shift from too much bleachy highlights with to a healthy, rich, chocolate color with taupe or violet brown highlights. Women want color that’s increasingly natural-looking and super shiny, so it’s natural to move away from the high contrast colors this season. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Mila Kunis are already softening their dramatic ombre looks they’ve been wearing this spring and summer.

Avoid chunky highlights or slices. Use a softer lightener and tone it with a cool tobacco color. All-over color canappear too monochromatic, so bit of balayage highlighting will compliment browns perfectly. Very cool tones work best with lighter eyes. If your very pale or have dark brown eyes, warm the tones in the highlights just a bit.