David Frank Salon is Hiring Stylist and Colorist Assistants

David Frank Salon is hiring full salon assistants for their hair salon at Scottsdale Road and Shea in Scottsdale. Our assistants work with our stylists and colorists while they train to become stylists and colorists themselves. While assisting, tour team members learn every aspect of the business so the can build a successful career for themselves as part of our team.

Why Specialize?

After many years in the industry working as both a generalist and a specialist, we have found that no matter which specialty a hairdresser chooses, they benefit the most from specializing. Specialists master their craft more completely, learn faster, build businesses faster, and enjoy a smoother work process than generalists. Specialists also enjoy a more team based working environment and a pleasant working experience.

What do assistants do?

Assistants greet guests, shampoo hair, apply colors and toners, style hair, book appointments, and participate in maintaining the cleanliness of the salon. Work is generally full time, Tuesday through Saturday. Our salon is closed Sunday and Monday. Our assistant staff does a bit of everything, with an emphasis on either cutting and styling or color, depending on the specialty they choose. Assistants are paid an hourly wage, and receive tips for good service.

How long does an assistant program last?

A focused assistant who consistently strives to practice their practical skills are usually ready in about a year. Appropriate models and practice are the key to being ready in a year or sooner. Some people learn a bit faster or slower, so can learn at your own pace.

What is required, and how do I apply?

An Arizona Cosmetology or Hair license is required. You can walk in and apply in person Tuesday though Saturday, or use the contact form on this site. You can also call and request a time to come by as well. Please have a look at our website and our Yelp reviews.

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