Frank Hathaway Talks Pixie Cuts For Fall

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Getting That Perfect Pixie Cut

The Pixie is my absolute favorite hairstyle on women. I love the confidence I see in a woman when she has short hair. A well done pixie maintains the feminine lines and accentuates eyes and cheekbones, the most important features on a woman. What make a perfect pixie? Here are a few tips from our style director, Frank Hathaway, on getting a great cut you won’t be in a hurry to grow out.

It is most important that a pixie is very soft around the hairline and has no straight lines. Men’s cuts are very angular and straight around the side burn, ears and the back. A pixie remains wispy and soft at the edges maintaining femininity.

Most women can wear a pixie. If you look good with your hair pulled back in a pony, that is what you will look like with very short hair. The most important ingredient in wearing a pixie is confidence in the look. Try to include one feature to make it uniquely your own, like a little spike in the crown or a touch of asymmetry.

Resist the temptation to keep the bangs long. While there are many great short styles with some length in front, the hallmark of this season’s pixie is the classic, sprite-like front. The pixie’s shape comes from the inside, a long front ruins the balance. Try a very short, shattered fringe.

Pixie cuts can be round, square, or diamond shaped depending on what suits your face. A good stylist can recommend the silhouette that’s suits you best.

With so many celebrities and models cutting their hair short this fall, there hasn’t been a better time to find great short hair variations in quite a while. Ready to take the leap into beautiful, easy to care for style? Give us a call today or book online.