Hair Color Correction

      Color Is Too Dark

Happens a lot, especially with the “box” color at home, or when you ask your stylist for “just a little darker”.  When letting it lighten up on its own isn’t an option, there are several methods of getting back into the light.

My favorite choice is a color reducer. Not all salons do them, but I find they are the best choice when you want to prevent further damage and maintenance problems. Color reducers break down the fake color without lifting natural color, making it the perfect choice for a slight correction or removing ashy tint or low lights, all without damage.

If its too dark for a color reducer, the hair can be lifted with lightener or highlighted. Remember, hair color doesn’t lift artificial color, so if a stylist suggests putting a lighter color on the hair to take out a darker one, run.

     Color Is Too Light

     Color Is Too Red

     Color Is Too Ashy

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