Hair Products To Help You Survive Until You Can Go Back To The Salon

Can’t get to your stylist because your salon is closed down for the coronavirus? Stuck inside and you can’t stand your hair anymore? Here are some goodies to get you by until you can get back to your hairstylist.

Cover Your Roots

Roots growing out, but not ready to attempt coloring them yourself? Try a root cover up like Color Wow Root Cover Up, winner of 44 major beauty awards. Cover grey or dark roots seamlessly, extend highlights without coloring, fill in gaps for thicker fuller looking hair. Fast, easy, precise mineral powder adheres to hair instantly. Water resistant formula stays put when you sleep, sweat or swim. Lasts until you shampoo it out. Available in various shades, plus reflective particles, it blends seamlessly and looks naturally dimensional. Color Wow root cover makes the hair look thicker by filling in gaps and covering sparse or thinning spots.

Trim Up The Family

Husband and kids looking a bit rough? Get them looking good and kill some time at the same time. This clipper set comes with some hair cutting scissors so you can channel your inner hairdresser and get them polished up in no time. Comes in a handy case as well.

Style Your Hair

Get salon quality styling at home with the Shark Air Styling System. This unique tool drys your hair and curls it at the same time. I’ve seen women who have never been great at doing their own hair get great results.

Get In Condition

You have all this extra time on your hands, why not use some of it to do those conditioning treatments you usually don’t have time for? Olaplex number three rebuilds the bonds in the hair that break down from coloring services, leaving it stronger and better looking. Just apply to towel dried hair for 30 minutes, then shampoo and condition your hair as usual. Do the treatments once a week to keep your hair healthy and strong. Also, check out our great line of hair products.

Cut Your Hair

If you must take a stab at cutting your own hair, a good pair of shears can make huge difference in the result. These scissors are great for the occasional home trimming, without going for full on professional shears. If you left handed, be sure to select a left handed pair.

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