Haircolor: How often to come in for highlights, balayage, ombre, grey coverage, and demi permanent color

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How-Often-To Color-Your-Hair

How Often should I color my hair?

Now that you have a beautiful hair color, here are some guidelines for maintaining your look. In 2017, savvy guest know that how you take care of your color is almost as important as who does it. You spent time and money getting it just right, so here is how to keep it that way.

Plan regular visits. Make your next color appointment when you are leaving the salon.


All over color processes should be done every 3-5 weeks for best results. Sooner really isn’t necessary, and longer will effect the products ability to lift and deposit evenly.

Foil highlights should be done every 6-8 weeks depending on how much contrast there is between your highlights and your natural color. Foils are generally placed close to the scalp so you’ll need to come regularly to keep it looking fresh. How you wear your hair can also be a factor.


Balayage can go 3 months. Ombre looks 3 to 6 months. The depth at the base keeps the maintenance easy.

Glosses and demi colors can be done whenever you feel you need it. Done properly the regrowth is minimal. So when it fades, you can do it again or not.

Double process color (bleaching and toning) must be done monthly. If you commit to a beautiful light blonde, it’s worth coming in monthly. This keeps the blonde perfectly even and reduces the stress on the hair. Plus you’ll look perfect all the time.

A few tips for keeping you color looking great

1. I recommend a sulfate free shampoo like David Frank Haircare. So much gentler on the hair. If you must save money on products, at least follow this rule. Your color, and colorist, will thank you. Use less shampoo, because the excess lather is hard on the hair. Also, “color safe” doesn’t always mean good for the color. If you travel, bring your shampoo, because hotel shampoos are almost always rough on hair color. When in doubt, consult the colorist.


2. Don’t bother with daily rinse conditioners unless you have just a demi permanent color or a gloss. They don’t have much nutritional value. Hair that has been colored with a permanent color or lightened with lightener requires protein and moisture to be replaced. Use a deep conditioner each time you shampoo. Use a small amount and work from the ends up to focus the treatment where your hair needs it.

3. Wear a hat if your going to be out in the sun. Yes, it makes a huge difference.

4. When going in the pool, wet your hair with fresh water. Rinse with fresh water after and shampoo if needed. Better yet, buy a swim cap. Bleached hair? Might turn green. Public pools are generally worse because they are required to be chlorinated more.