How To Deal With An Oily Scalp And Dry Ends

How To Deal With An Oily Scalp And Dry Ends. Here are some tips that will help decrease buildup on the scalp and help guide you into shiny, more desirable, healthy hair. 

Let’s start with your Shampoo technique for dealing with an oily scalp and dry ends. 

The first step in how to deal with an oily scalp and dry ends is the cleansing. Shampoo is a surfactant. It’s like a magnet that will attract the oil and product that has built up on the scalp. Do not lather the shampoo until you have applied it directly onto the scalp. This is REALLY Important. Starting in the back, split your hair down the center back. Apply your shampoo directly to the scalp and work your way up to the front, then the sides.

Continuing to smudge the shampoo on the scalp and then emulsify the shampoo through the scalp only. Allow the shampoo and fingertips to work as a dynamic duo in lifting the oil and buildup off the scalp. Next we need to rinse, rinse, rinse. The water will take these magnetized balls of dirt with it, down the drain.

Go for a second shampoo, using half the amount of shampoo and again apply the shampoo in the same order using the same technique. Keep in mind this second cleanse should give us a good lather. If it doesn’t, try to apply a little more at a time but not too much. We want to avoid drying our hair out.

You take the time to find the right colorist and stylist to work on your hair. Having the right hair products at home should also become a part of that resolution. A new professional shampoo might change the pH levels on your scalp and dry out your hair at first. It may take some time for your hair to adapt to the new changes. And, you may experience some dryness or feel like your new product/technique is not working. Consider washing your hair only when your hair feels dirty, and skip that normal hair routine.  

Finding A Shampoo For Dealin With An Oily Scalp And Dry Ends

A good shampoo should keep your hair clean for at least 3 days.This will go a long way towards dealing with an oily scalp and dry ends. When you have started this new technique with the wash and added or are using a good professional shampoo and you feel like your scalp is still oily. Pay attention to the styling products you are using. Is there anything you are already using making your hair feel greasy? Take one product away at a time.

That Takes Care Of The Oily Scalp, Now To Deal With Those Dry Ends…

The ends of our hair has moisture already and typically doesn’t need more than what we have applied in the shower. We just need to lock in moisture, from the inside. So, a good leave-in conditioner spray will form a barrier around the hair and should only be used on wet hair with a wet brush or wide tooth comb. And for that finishing touch if you feel like your dry ends could use a little extra TLC. I would seal the ends in with a touch of hair oil. Use this sparingly because less is more so really only focus on the ends to add shine! 

Have you tried all these steps and your still dealing with an oily scalp and dry ends?

Check your BRUSH! We don’t want to go through this process of cleansing our hair properly and to only add the oil back onto the hair causing it to feel dirty again.

If you are new to the valley, or have been here for a while, consider our hair products at David Frank Salon. Our products have been formulated to work well in our uniquely hot, dry climate here in the valley of the sun. Our Volumizing Shampoo & Conditioner is ideal for shorter, finer hair types looking to add volume. This light conditioner is formulated with Keratin and will help seal the cuticle locking in proteins to help reduce frizz. Additionally, our products are free of sodium chloride and of course safe for use on chemically and color treated hair. 

 Looking for something a little more hydrating? The Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner is a gentle, lightweight cleanser infused with French Argon Oil to add moisture into the hair eliminating dry brittle feelings. Using this combo will leave the hair feeling soft while keeping the color safe and hair shiny. It’s ideal for curls, thermal tools and silky blowouts. Great for color treated hair and keratin straightener safe. 

Moisture Is The Key

Our Vanilla Bean Conditioner treatment is a keratin infused Rich Conditioner ideal for all hair types. It can help restore moisture, de-frizz and reduce breakage. Now, something to help de-tangle those ends right out the shower, we would recommend our Untangled Leave in Conditioner Spray. This is a must for all hair types. It not only works as a de-tangler, it is a porosity equalizer and has a UV protectant. In addition to removing tangles, it works well with the other products helping them to perform better and of course protecting your hair color from UV RAYS. Looking for that added shine for the end result? We have something for that too. Silky Smooth Argon Oil. With this you can expect long- lasting conditioning results. It can also be added to Vanilla Bean Conditioner for the ultimate deep treatment. 

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