Mens Hair Trends

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The challenge men face now, when it comes to hair and looking good is the same challenge women have faced for decades. Women have always read fashion magazines for advice on how to style their hair. Fashion has typically required that women don’t just keep our hair clean, but that they blow it dry, cut it, bleach it, condition it, color the roots, add highlights, and in general invest far more time and money in their complicated hair styles than men do. However in the new millennium, current styles in haircuts for men are a whole new ballgame.

These days, when it comes to your hair, you guys are going to need a lot more than a trip to the barbershop to look good. Current hairstyles require skilled hair hair stylists for men who are up on all of the latest trends and techniques. Current hairstyles and cuts for men also require a knowledge of the latest in hair grooming products and skill in their application. Those of you guys who have great hair stylist who are up on all of the current trends in hair and fashion and who know how to use grooming products look better than ever. At the same time, men that still go to a chop shop and think using Grecian Formula on their hair actually makes them look better are starting to look much worse by comparison.

Sometimes having a ton of choices is just confusing. If you have no idea how you should be cutting your hair, but know you have to do some serious rehab with your look, start by checking out some current magazines, actors, news anchors and sports figure’s hairstyles. Then, consult a woman or two in your life that you trust. They are usually a good judge of style and they are the ones who have to look at you anyway. I realize that this is not the usual male conversation, and that a discussion of which cut looks better on you might feel silly. But the fact of the matter is your look is more than your look, it is your image. A great haircut has a lot to do with your success – with women and at work.

The best cuts for men right now in my opinion are short all around with tapered sides and back, or short sides and back with a disconnected top. Either should be dressed with a matte finish styling product to control the texture without to much crunch. Edges should be tailored but not shaved in like a line. This looks more modern and wears better.

Make an appointment with a great stylist. Be specific about what you have seen or talked about that you might like. A great men’s style sometimes doesn’t take that long to cut, but some time taken discussing the finished look is time well spent. We like to offer several options so you can see some possibilities you may not of thought of, including color options. With over thirty five years of combined experience, we can usually help you arrive at your best look easily.

This is a concept you guys all seem to understand when it comes to stuff like cars, so think of this as a conversation about cars. What kind of car should you get? Which car makes you look best, makes you look the most successful or is the best chick magnet? Which car is one you can maintain yourself, and which one is guaranteed to keep on breaking down, requiring multiple visits to your mechanic? Haircuts are much cheaper than cars and they are surprisingly as effective.

Whatever look you decide to go for, don’t be afraid to bring pictures. Visual aids assure that you are on the same page with your stylist, and up your chances of getting the look you want. Listen to their advice, don’t be afraid to change your look, and have fun.