Preparing For A Visit To The Salon

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Hair Appointment

Whether your it’s a hair cutting, coloring, or styling service you have booked, you have a particular look in mind. Here are some some suggestions for making the most of your upcoming hair appointment.

Setting up an appointment

  • Look for a time when your not rushed. You’ll be more relaxed, and the appointment will be a lot more fun. Your stylist will have a bit more time to be creative, and you’ll feel more relaxed.
  • Try and book well in advance. When possible, set up your next appointment when you check out. If your booking at a later time, or for the first time, call in advance for the best selection of times. Weekdays mid week are usually a bit more available, and evenings and weekends go fast.
  • Try booking online. Online booking is available 24 hours a day, so you can do it when it’s convenient for you.
  • If your not sure what service you need to get the look you want, ask to come for a consultation before you book. This will avoid not having the right amount of time for the service you want.
  • If you have tons of hair, or any other considerations that might take extra time, let them know when you set up your appointment. That way we can make sure there is adequate time to do a good job.

The day of your hair appointment

  • If your coming for a haircut appointment, wear your hair the way you normally would. This way the stylist can see your hair texture and what you generally do with it.
  •  For a color appointment, it’s best to arrive with your hair dry and shampooed within a few days. Hair colors fine if it’s not freshly shampooed, but if it’s excessively oily, or if you have been conditioning with oil, it should be cleansed prior to your appointment.
  •  If you use touch up sticks or color powders to extend your color, please shampoo before you come in. They tend to block the color from penetrating your hair.
  •  Take care not to scrub your scalp to much before a color appointment, especially a lightening service. Try to wash the hair more so than the scalp.

The consultation

  • If your going for a change and you have something in mind, bring pictures! Cut some out, or save them to your phone, or make a Pinterest board.  The more  you can show what you like and don’t like, the better we can suggest a style and color you’ll love.
  • Give your input, and ask for suggestions. Sometimes your stylist may have something up their sleeve you haven’t even thought of.
  • Be open minded. Listen to some suggestion and consider trying something new. Even small changes are good, and it keeps your look fresh.
  • Be honest about the maintenance schedule you prefer. We can recommend looks that require more or fewer salon visits depending on your preference.
  •  Let us know how often you style your hair, and how much time you like to spend styling. That way we can help you choose a style that works with your daily styling regimen.

A bit of planning can help you get the most out of your visit to the salon. We hope to see you soon.


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