Prevent Photobleaching With A UV Protecting Spray

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Does your hair lighten a lot in the sun? Does your hair color fade faster than you would like it to? The sun has a strong effect on the lifespan of your hair color. You don’t have to be out tanning or hanging out at the beach. Just going about your day to day, even if it’s cloudy exposes your hair to enough  UV rays to alter your hair color.

What is Photobleaching?

Photobleaching, or fading, is the photochemical alteration of a dye or a Fluorophore molecule such that it permanently is unable to fluoresce. That’s a fancy way of saying UV rays destroy color molecules over time. It affects both the natural color in your hair and artificial color that we put in. It’s a slow process, but you can really see the difference in how the top layer of your hair fades versus the underneath.

We all know to wear sunscreen to protect our skin, but often we forget about our hair. When it’s appropriate, like if you golfing for instance, a hat is a great help. The ends are still exposed, but at least the top gets covered up. When a hat isn’t an option, and to protect the hair that’s not covered up, we suggest a UV protecting spray.

Untangled is a detangler, a leave-in conditioner, and UV protector that conditions, adds body, and maintains healthy hair and scalp. Pro-vitamin B5 adds shine, wheat amino acids strengthen, and aloe and chamomile sooth and moisturize. UV protectant helps color from fading. Light weight and paraben free formula. Just spray on 3 or 4 pumps before applying your other hair products and help prevent your hair color from fading. It is also a great leave in conditioner and porosity equalizer, which will enhance the performance of your other hair products. Click on the link above to order.