Short hair versus long hair: Should I cut my hair short?

This is a question that we hear every single day in the salon. The reason the question is  asked changes from guest to guest, but it’s definitely one that we answer on a regular basis. Personally, I rarely try to convince someone to go short. It’s a personal decision, and unless I’m so convinced that it’s the absolute best way to go, I leave it to the client. There are, however, some good guidelines for helping you make a decision.

1. I have heard a million times over the years that “once you get to a certain age, you must cut your hair short”. I never understood this, and I think we can all see that there are many amazing looking women well into maturity that have medium to long hair. So don’t fall for it. Do what looks great, not what age dictates.

2.  If you looked good with short hair when you were younger, you will look good with short hair when you are older. And if you didn’t you still won’t.

3.  I have observed that short hair makes younger women look younger and older women look older. I don’t know exactly why it works this way but it does.


4.  If you go short, go edgy. Or you will get so bored with it you’ll want to kill yourself.

5. Always go to the short hair, not away from the long hair. If your already mentally growing it out before you even cut it, do something else.

6. Any stylist will tell you that women cut their hair when they are going through a break up/divorce/ baby/ crisis/ whatever. Believe me these are bad reason to cut your hair and it will not make you feel any better.

7. The best determination of how you will look with short hair is the size of your head. A small head usually looks better with a smaller hairstyle. A larger head with more length and softness. Doesn’t matter how fit or pretty you are, it’s true. Losing weight will make your head bigger compared to your body, so unless someone shrinks your head for you, that won’t make a difference either.


8. If you love your hair pulled back, you’ll love it short. Don’t fall back on the old “I love that I can do so much with it when it’s not in this tired old pony tail” because honestly, we’ve seen you out. And it’s always in that tired old ponytail.

9. Some great reasons to go short? Easy, edgy, unique, fun. You can get very creative with the color. Styling is a breeze. Want to see whether short is right for you? Come in and see us for a complimentary consultation and we’ll guide you to the shape that’s right for you.

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