“Sombre” Highlights, A Softer Version Of Ombre

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As the harsh, high contrast ombre trend has passed, the color trend has transitioned over to “sombre”, a softer expression of ombre. It’s a more natural look with highlights around the face graduating into lighter,  brighter shades toward the ends. Sombre can be adapted to redheads, brunettes and blondes, and it’s the hottest color trend this fall. The word ombre’ means gradient, color starts with your natural color and fades into a lighter shade starting at about the brows and getting lighter as it goes. Sombre looks are personalized to every head, they’re like snowflakes. No two are exactly alike.

Sombre works well with longer  layers. Not great with really short layers, you need a bit of length to see the transition.

Brunettes highlight well into caramels, honeys, and gold tones.

If your hair is already quite light, you can bring platinum blonde to the ends.

The closer you stick to your natural hair color, the more undone and casual the hair will look. No need to touch up roots, just add a bit more highlights from time to time.

Sombre highlights should start a several inches from the roots and gently lighten toward the ends.

Ombre was fun, but now it’s done

Sombre works best on natural hair or hair that has not been tinted extremely dark. Hair highlights the best when the canvas is even, so tell your colorist if you have lots of regrowth or old tint on your ends. Keep with tones that are similar to you base color and flatter your skin tone and eye color. Remember, this season, less is more as far as contrast goes. Add a bit of sombre effect to your regular all over color for a low commitment change, or an alternative to foil highlights. Consult with your stylist before making drastic color changes to ensure that the proper amount of time is scheduled for your appointment. I also strongly recommend having your hair trimmed after any lightening service, and strongly discourage having a color change without scheduling an appointment to have your hair styled after your service.