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Here are links to products we may have talked about during your visit you may find helpful. We can’t carry all of these in the salon, but some of them may be helpful for specific needs. Please use all products as the manufacturer recommends. Most of these links are to Amazon, I may receive a commission for suggesting them.


Hard Water Wellness Hair Remedy

When horrendous hard water gives your hair a truly tough time, this weekly wellness hair remedy restores the life of weighed down locks for body, bounce and sheer brilliance.

  • naturally removes hard water deposits and impurities leaving hair instantly softer, shinier and full of swing
  • eliminates brassiness, discoloration and damage caused by mineral absorption
  • vitamin-infused formula deeply penetrates for superior moisture retention

Once a week: Shampoo, rinse and pour Hard Water crystals across wet palm. Rub hands together, adding water to dissolve crystals. Apply and scrunch throughout hair, then allow to remain on hair for up to 5 minutes. Rinse. Shampoo, rinse thoroughly. Apply conditioner

Shower Water Filter

Our water here in the Phoenix area is very hard, and contains a lot of things that discolor your hair. Try this shower water filter to get your water a bit more hair friendly. Nothing this small will completely purify your water, but it definitely helps quite a bit. This one has a multi stage filtration system to target different impurities in the water 

Collagen Peptides benefit your hair in a variety of ways. It’s an easy thing to add to your daily routine that may strengthen your hair, fight damage to your hair follicles, slow thinning, and even slow the graying process.