Tempted to go black?

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Black hair, like platinum blonde, makes a strong color statement. A lot of colorists will advise you not to go black, because it’s kind of game over for us. Black is challenging to move away from because it’s difficult to remove. Done right, however, it can be very dramatic. Here are some pros and cons to consider before taking the plunge.

1. Black is a strong color. Strong color means more makeup. If you are a natural type who doesn’t wear much color on your face, go with a softer color.

2. Black works best with cooler skin tones because it has no warm tones. If the black looks warm, it is actually dark brown.

3. Add complimentary tones to your black hair like blue, violet, or blue-green. These barely visible tones shine in the light and make it more interesting.

4. Do it right. If your hair is light, have it filled and then color. Have it colored and maintained professionally to keep it healthy, shiny, and even.

5. Stay with demi-permanent color if possible. That way it will be easier to evolve out of when you want to change.

6. Go for a more fashion forward haircut. Bold colors look best on a bolder hairstyle.

7. Remember, black is not easy to undo. So if your going to do it, do it right.