The “Lob” latest celebrity hairstyle trend

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Scottsdale hair salons have been getting tons of requests for the latest hair trend in Hollywood, and it’s no surprise. The “lob”, half bob, half long, is the best of both worlds: not short, but blunt enough tho make it easy to care for. Here are some examples of how to wear one.

The Blunt Lob

The Look: This cut is blunt and uniform with no layers. It elongates the neck and makes you look more statuesque. If you go any shorter, it becomes a bob and you lose the versatility.

It’s Perfect For: Anyone whose hair is fine or fried from heated styling tools. This returns it to healthy without being tied down to a short cut, and it gets rid of stringy ends, so hair looks thicker.

The Long-Layered Lob

The Look: A chin-length layers add texture and movement. You can still even manage a pony tail for working out or lazy days.

It’s Perfect For: Women with long faces because it adds width. It’s chic, pulled together, and a bit more sophisticated than flowing, beachy layers.

The Choppy Lob

The Look: Wispy layers are crucial. A razor is used on the back layers to soften any hard lines. Avoid the soccer mom look by keeping layers long, no shorter than an inch above the chin.

It’s Perfect For: Everybody, this style is suitable for all face shapes. It’s modern and young and gives your do some edge. It’s also a good start for any woman who’s afraid to cut her hair.