The Wavy Bob: A Time Tested Easy To Style Favorite

The “Wob”, or wavy bob, is still a hot haircut trend right now. The ‘wavy bob’ has now surpassed the ‘long bob’ as the year’s most sought-after hairstyle. “Not having to deal with a lot of layers makes styling easy.” says Frank Hathaway. “And the strong line makes it dramatic look, without the stiffness of a classic bob”.

Piecy, chin length bobs have been spotted on celebrities everywhere, from Emma Stone’s new wavy bob to Sydney Sweeney’s new vintage-style version of the classic style. It’s not unusual to see celebrities follow the same trends, especially when a style looks this great and is so easy to care for. You’ll find it’s a great time to jump on the opportunity to look great with minimal effort.

Gigi Hadid is wearing a perfect example of the “Wob” hair style. You will find the carefree ease of styling a big draw. It’s a great escape from all the intense round brushing as well. You can use a diffuser, or do some beachy curls with an iron. Super easy styling in the morning. Works great with a bit of David Frank Hair care’s Shape Shifter styling foam.

Nicole Scherzinger, Jessica Alba, and Stacey Dooley are other example of using your own natural texture to create a very fashion forward look. The cut work best if it sits just off the shoulders. A bit longer than a classic bob, but shorter than last seasons “Lob”.

How To Get The Perfect Wavy Bob

Wavy bobs can be crafted for any face shape, and it works with fine or thick hair if you do it right.

Wavy bobs are are a more interesting, less severe version of a strait bob, with lots more texture and movement. The wavy bob is great for those trying to grow out a short style, or a great shorter alternative for women with longer hair who want something not-to-short. It’s an easy, versatile style that looks fantastic on almost anyone.

Finer hair should be kept more one length.

Consider a slightly A-line shape, and ant texture should be more toward the ends. Subtle color variation will enhance the look of the waves.

Thicker hair should be tapered at the bottom to avoid excess width in the shape.

Consider some ribbon highlights or balayage to keep it from looking to solid and bulky. For a longer neck, you should keep the shape longer in the front. To balance a square jaw, choose an A-line outline and a graduated bottom to avoid looking square.

Avoid heavy bangs with this style. 

In my opinion it’s too much squareness in one hair style.

The easy way to create wavy hair for a bob is using a curling iron.

Work Shape Shifter Mousse through your hair and roll 1 1/2 to 2 inch chunks of hair over the rod of a curling iron. We like an iron without a clamp, but any 1 inch iron will work . Allow the curling iron to heat the section of hair for a five seconds and release the curl. Put your fingers in your hair and shake the curls out for a messier look, or pull a very wide tooth comb through once for smoother waves.

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