This seasons color trend: Purple Ombre highlights

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Want colorful tresses and ombre highlights? Then the purple hair color trend will serve as the best inspiration to add a splash of color. From the vibrant tones to the muted, all are brilliant when paired with the right skin tone and hair texture. Alternative hair styling is famous for non-conformist attitude towards hair shades as well as cutting techniques, so why not try some violet for your next highlight?

The latest hair color trends vary between natural tones as well as bright, bold combinations of shades. The purple hair color trend entered the public eye due to its ability to blend into the dark shade of tresses, especially when combined with brown or black. Both in the form of highlights as well as block color sections it succeeds in adding flair and movement to the hair. Super-sleek hair as well as curls are ideal to show off the overwhelming allure of purple. Choose the right hair color technique in darker or lighter shades of purple tone to bring out the best of your unique style.

Pastel, dusty tones are also very trendy right now. Rather than a bright, bold violet, you could try a softer version. This works best on lighter hair.

Natural hair color plays a crucial role when selecting the right purple tone. Those with brown or black shades can go for the deep, strong shades of purple. These will not only flatter the overall look, but will also add some dimension and volume to the tresses. On the other hand, those who have light brown or blonde streaks can opt for the lighter lavender shades that create a more harmonious impression. Alternative hair style fans will be thrilled with this trend as one of the top favorite choices of Emo and Scene hair stylists.


The length of the hair can also contribute to the final outcome of the hair coloring process. Longer hair can be balayaged into a bold, violet gradient, while short crops will work best in a solid color.