Red Hair Color|Getting And Keeping The Perfect Shade Of Red

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How to find the best shade of red for your hair

Red hair never really goes out of style, and it’s especially popular this season. Lots of women go way out of their way to avoid red tones in their hair, but many should consider trying some red. Most people can wear some shade of red, and once you do, everything else can seem a bit boring. If you ever get the wrong shade of red, you’ll hate it and probably won’t ever do it again. Here are some tips for choosing the shade that will suit you best.

What to consider in choosing your best red hair color shade

The three things to consider are your skin tone, how relatively light or dark your skin is, and your eye color.

Skin Tone

The tone of your skin is the first consideration when choosing the tone of your hair color. Just like your natural hair color goes with your overall color scheme, the color you choose for your hair should compliment the undertone of your skin. For example, coppery golds go nicely with yellow undertones, and cooler reds compliment olive skin. Choosing a color opposite you skin tone will exaggerate the undertone of your skin in an unpleasant way. Copper tones would make olive skin look very green. When the tone is right, your skin color will look natural and balanced.

How light or dark your skin is is a good indicator of how dark or intense a color might look good on you.

Light Skin
Fair skin looks best with a lighter,  strawberry or golden reds, bright copper tones, or true reds. Avoid violet reds,they will make you look sickly and pale.

Medium Skin
A bit more color in the skin can carry a bit more color in the hair. Try a medium copper or an auburn shade. Remember to use your skin tone as your guide.

Dark Skin
Darker skin has the most color, and has the best shot at supporting darker and cooler reds if skin tone permits. Generally, copper colors on darker skin make you look rather green. More color in the skin makes the choice of color even more important, so there is more undertone to exaggerate.

If your unclear whether warmer or cooler colors look best on you, look at yourself in the mirror and hold up something silver by your skin. Then do the same thing with something gold. You’ll notice right away the difference.

Here are my personal thoughts on what to consider if you are thinking about going for a beautiful red shade.

1. Anyone can be some kind of red. There are so many to choose from. Porcelain skin with neutral tones and freckles do it best, but I can help you choose a red that suits you personally.

2. Having said that, I avoid red on people with red skin tones. It’s too much red. A medium brunette shade would be more suitable.

3. Light skin looks best with strawberry or light copper tones. Avoid violet tones, especially if you are naturally blonde also. Light copper looks great with green eyes.

4. Medium skin tones can handle stronger color than light ones because they have more pigment. Try truer reds, soft auburn, and dark copper. Be careful with very bright red and avoid eggplant, because they will make you look yellow.

5. Olive skinned women should stay away from light reds. Instead try mahogany, burgundy, cool red, and violet tones. Remember that going to dark will make your skin look more green, so take the level down slowly and see what suits you.

6. Bright reds are fun, but be prepared to wear more makeup if you want to look good. More color in the hair requires more color on the skin. If you wish to go more natural on the skin, go with a more natural red tone.

7. Red highlights look good on darker hair, but not on mousy hair. Red is bold and makes mousy colors look worse. Go red all over instead.

8. When highlighting red hair, do a few strategic pieces rather than a bunch of fine pieces. This tends to make it look muddled ind indistinct. Let the red be the star of the show.

9. Reds are challenging to keep, so be prepared to spend some time and money maintaining your look. Best thing is to do a gloss visit in between the regular color appointment to keep it vibrant and rich. This service, which is half the price of a full color service, will keep you looking amazing all the time.

10. Use the best shampoos and conditions to hedge your bet. Red washes out easily. I prefer a sulfate and salt free shampoo like David Frank Moisture Shampoo . Color depositing shampoo once a week works well.

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