Wella Studios TrendVision class

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This week I had the pleasure of attending a class at the Wella studio in Woodland Hills, California. I got to see all four fashion trends as interpreted by the Wella artistic team, and learned some very helpful technical points about how to get the most out of the product. After seeing the inspiration for each trend, all the students got to work on mannequins and create their own version of the looks I’m very excited to go back and attend some more courses, and am considering going through their master colorist program. Here’s a sample of the trends I learned about.

The concept of luxury has evolved from ostentation to refined simplicity that celebrates nature.
This trend is embodied by:

Inspired by the radiance and purity of nature, she is the leading lady at the centre of any play – shining with the golden glow of the setting desert sun. Her taste is simple: always go for the best.

This futuristic idea of perfection is a quest for new sensations, for purity and light, for unseen, innovative textures.
This trend is embodied by:

Inspired by an otherworldly beauty, she plays her role with an air of mystery, an edge of cosmic daring. She stages her perfection in an almost disconcerting futuristic manner.

Re-invention is the order of the day: the glamour of Studio 54 where experimental creativity mixes with the VIP society – but with a new twist.
This trend is embodied by:

Inspired by the rebirth of underground club culture‚ she draws all eyes to her. The born extrovert, every movement is a statement and every step designed to take your breath away.

Latin passion has moved on from the cliché – today, it is a modern fusion of a woman’s fiery temperament and an almost masculine pride.
This trend is embodied by:

Ablaze with sensuality, she wears her short, sharp cut and bold, contrasting colours with a sparkle in her eyes that shows a willful sense of irony. She has reinvented passion for herself.